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1 November 2011

Voice of My Heart chapter 1 ( Having a brother like Cheondong )

╰ Chapter One ╮✰

"I wonder what it feels like... Having a brother like Cheondong" I thought while taking a sip of my tea. Cheondong and Sandara were busy cooking in the kitchen. I had been invited, surprisingly by Cheondong, to join them for dinner.
Cheondong must have felt my gaze, He looked over at me and smiled. I quickly snapped out of my thoughts and stared into my now empty tea cup.
- Yah! Cheondong-Ah! Dont just stand there, Help me with the rice!
Sandara slapped her brother in the back of his head and gave him a frustrated look.
- Sandara, You should treat your brother better, Continue like that and he might end up with a concussion, i said and laughed.
I looked at Cheondong. "Thank You" he mouthed.
- You're Welcome, i said, perhaps a little to loud.
- What did you say? Sandara Said with a wondering expression on her face.
- Oh Nothing, Now where is my Dinner! I Shouted while banging my cup onto the table.
Both Sandara and Cheondong gasped as they witnessed my tea cup being shattered into a million pieces, all over their newly cleaned kitched floor.
- Aigoo! Mianhe.
I Leaned down and started to pick up the bigger pieces. A hand grabbed my wrist and i met Cheondongs Gaze.
- Dont do that, you might end up cutting yourself. Just sit down and ill get the broom.
He let go of my wrist and headed towards the bathroom.
- Yah! Paboya! Sandara said and laughed.
- Mianhe!
She walked up to me and put a hand on my shoulder.
- Gwenchana!
Cheondong soon returned with a broomstick. I offered myself to clean it up but he insisted he would do it, Instead he "Ordered" me to go and help his sister with a smile.
I nodded and walked up to the now messy counter, filled with vegetables and different kinds of meat.
- Help me with the rice! Sandara shouted. I dont know how that god-damn machine works...!
- You dont know how a rice cooker works? i said and laughed.
- Yah! Just Do it!
- Sure Sure...

We ended up having 3 servings of Pork and rice on the dinner table. We sat down and began to eat. It tasted delicious. Sandara might be bad at understanding "To Technical Machines" But her Cooking is the best!
- You have something there...
Cheondong leaned in and slowly moved his hand up to my face. Sandara quickly broke in between and sweeped away a tiny bit of rice from the corner of my mouth.
- Yah! Cheondong-Ah! Dont you dare touch her, Okay!
- I... I... Aish.
Cheondong continued to eat the food from his plate.
- So, Are you ready for school tomorrow? Sandara said and elbowed me lightly in the side.
- Dont remind me, These past weeks have been the best of my life. No Homework, No QueenKas... No KingKas.
- You dont like the KingKas Eh? Cheondong said and laughed.
- Its not like i dont like them... They are absolutely stunning and-
- Forbidden Material for None-QueenKas, Sandara said and smirked.
- Yeah, That too. *Sigh*
- Those QueenKas, Nothing but a bunch of-
- Yah! Sandara broke him off.
- You dont like the QueenKas? I said with a surprised Expression on my face *That would be a first*
- Nah, I dont like girls who think that they are better then others. I like... Normal Girls - Like You, he said and smiled.
- Yeah Yeah Yeah, you are making me sick Cheondong-Ah! Now, Help me with the dishes!
Sandara Grabbed her brothes wrist and pulled him into the kitchen, leaving me alone with 3 empty plates and a bright smile on my face.
*What i would do to have a brother as kind as him...* 

cr: Sungha

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