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2 November 2011

VOMH ( Chapter 4 & 5 )

☆ Chapter Four ☆ - He asked me to look after you -
- I cant see anything wrong with you Soo-Yeon, Perhaps all you need is a painkiller and a glass of water.
- Yeah, Give me a painkiller, i think i'll still be able to suck on my hair for water...
The nurse quickly grabbed a towel and started drying my hair.
- What actually happened? She asked.
- Nothing...
- So, Is this "Nothing" the reason why you want to go home? She smirked.
- Ani... Maybe.
She laughed.
- Soo-Yeon-ah! You are a fighter, dont let a little water break you down. Whatever happened, just forget it.
She squeezed my puffy cheek while caressing the back of my head.
I gave her a weak smile before leaving towards the door.
- Say Hi to your father for me!
- Neh!
And for those who wonder why im so close to my schools nurse... Well, She is my fathers sister, which would make her my aunt (Right?)
I decided to skip class and headed towards the library. It was empty, as usual.
I placed myself on the cozy couch next to a huge bookshelf. I pulled one out and read the title "You Can Do It" it said. I sneezed, yeah right...
Suddenly the library door opened. I gasped as i saw SoHyun walk inside.
I dove my head into the book, hoping that she hadnt seen me...
- Soo-Yeon-Ah? Are you Okay? Im so sorry...
- SoHyun, I really dont want to talk to you right now, i said.
- But... Please!
I looked up from my book to see Sunggyu, the leader of Infinite, standing right behind SoHyun.
- Missy, Dont you have class? He said and gave SoHyun an angry look.
- Yeah! But she has too-
- Im gonna talk to her about that as soon as you leave!
- Okay Okay!
SoHyun quickly ran out of the library. I just sat there, staring at him... Waiting for him to start yelling at me aswell.
But instead he walked up to me and sat down next to me on the couch.
- Hoya told me everything.
- About what? i said with a confused expression on my face.
- About... What happened this morning.
- But i already apologized to him about that-
- About you being flushed by the QueenKas. He thinks its his fault...
- Well, It kinda is... If i hadn't bumped into him this morning, that would've never happened... But i guess its more my fault. Please tell him that im sorry.
- He already knows that you are. He also asked me to look after you...
- What? Why?
- Because-
- Dont you understand! Things like that is what makes the Queenkas upset! Why dont you just stay away from me!
I stood up from my seat and rushed towards the door.
- If you excuse me, i have a class to attend to, i said before exiting the library with harsch steps. 

♥ Chapter Five ♥ - I'm Special? - 
As soon as I left the library i spotted Hoya and decided to Confront him. 
- Yah! Why did you tell SungGyu to look after me? The only thing i need "Protection" from is you! So... Stay away from me!
He suddenly grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer.
- Yah! Do you do this to all the other girls 4Minute bashes on? I continued.
- You are not like other girls, Other girls would probably squeal and Cry if they were in your position right now! Other girls wouldn't talk back to us like you do!
- Self flattery, i mumbled.
He leaned closer. I could feel his warm breath against my cheek as he spoke.
Thats why i want to protect you... You are special.
I tried to avoid his gaze, but those dark brown eyes of his were enchanting. I snapped out of it.
- Thats bullshit.
I broke free from his grip and started walking along the corridor.
*Im... Special?*

I had History next, it went by like a lightning in a thunderstorm. As soon as the bell rang i collected my supplies and headed out towards my locker. I looked around, trying to find Sandara or Cheondong, But instead...
- Yah! SoHyun told me that you spoke to Sunggyu earlier! Hyun Ah said and smirked.
- Yeah So What...? I said, trying to sound confident.
- What Did he say?
- Nothing, i mumbled.
She grabbed my cheek and pressed it hard. She leaned in and gave me an evil glare.
- What. Did. He. SAY?
- Hey, Whats going on here?
Hyun Ah suddenly let go and backed away a few steps. I turned around and saw Myungsoo.
- Ah, MyungSoo-Oppa! We were just talking.
- It didnt look like you were JUST talking, he said and walked up to my side.
He placed a hand on my shoulder which made Hyun Ah gasp from envy.
- Gwenchana? He said while looking down at me.
I nodded.
He then looked up at Hyun Ah and the others and made a gesture for them to leave. They immediately rushed away towards the bathroom.
- Hoya told you to eh? I asked while crossing my arms over my chest.
- What?
- I dont need your protection, Okay?
- I.. I dont know what you're talking about...
- I need to go now, i said before leaving his side.

*Whats up with her? She mentioned something about Hoya, I better talk to him...* MyungSoo thought to himself as he saw you disappear down the corridor.

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