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1 November 2011

Voice Of My Heart - Intro -

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera readers. Apa khabar semuanya? Yer2. Riry tahu ada yang sihat dan ada yang tak sihat. Kepada yang sihat, sihat-sihat la selalu. Kepada yang tak sihat, gi la jumpa doktor.. He he.

Hari ni Riry nak tunaikan permintaan besties Riry. ( E-jah and Nadia ) . Dorang nak sangat baca fanfics yang Riry pernah citer kat dorang. Dorang kata best. Memang best pon. Tapi bukan Riry yang buat fanfics tu. So dorang suggest kat Riry supaya letak je citer tu kat blog Riry. Supaya senang katanya..
So , lets get started .

Infinite, You
✿ Voice Of My Heart ✿
Lee Howon ○ Lee SungYeol ○ Kim MyungSoo ○ Jang DongWoo ○ Lee SungJong ○ Kim SungGyu
- Characters-

You - Park Soo-Yeon / 17 Years Old
You Dont Like Making New Friends. You Like Being Alone And Never Ever Even Laid A Thought About Being In Love. You Aren't Comfortable Around Boys - Especially Not The KingKas. You Live In A Small Apartment Close To Wollim High, The School You Attend, With Your Father. Your Mother Lives And Works In America.

Sandara Park / Dara - 17 Years Old
She Might Be Short And Her Appearence Is Stunning - But Dont Be Fooled. Inside She Is A Tough Girl That You Wouldn't Want To Have Anything To Do With. She Is The Only One That Dares To Stand Up Against The QueenKas. She Noticed That YOU Would Be An Easy Victim For Hyun Ah And Her Gang So She Declared Herself As Your "Personal BodyGuard"

Cheondong Park / Thunder - 18 Years Old
He Is Sandaras Older Brother. He Has A Crush On You But Lacks The Amount Of Courage To Confess. Just Like His Sister, He Protects You And Is Willing To Do Anything For You. 

The QueenKas ♚

Kim Hyun Ah / 18 Years Old - She Is The Leader Of "4Minute" The Name The Queenkas Of Wollim High Go Under. 

Nam JiHyun / 18 Years Old - Ex. Leader. Until Hyun Ah Attended Wollim High, She Was The Leader. She Is Abit Upset Over It But Thinks Its Best To Stay On Her Good Side. 

Kwon SoHyun / 17 Years Old - She Is The Youngest Member Of 4Minute, And Also The Kindest. You Are Childhood Friends But Ever Since She Became A QueenKa Things Changed...

Heo GaYoon / 18 Years Old - She Has A Beutiful Singing Voice And Alot Of People Think She Should Start Singing More, But Hyun Ah Thinks The Difference, She Doesnt Like People Who "Overshines" Her And Therefor Bashes On GaYoons Vocal Skills Telling Her That She Will Never Succeed. 

Jeon JiYoon / 18 Years Old - A Girl With Swag. She Has This Thing For Infinite's Member Hoya, But He Is Also The One Hyun Ah Has Her Eyes On (Well, He And The Rest Of Infinite) So She Doesnt Dare To Tell Anyone About It... Yet.

The KingKas ♛

Kim SungGyu / 19 Years Old - He Is The Leader Of Infinite, The Name The KingKas Go Under. He Is Very Caring About The Rest Of The Members.

Lee Howon / Hoya - 18 Years Old - He Is An Amazing Dancer, Singer And Rapper. He Is Kinda Shy Around People He Dont Know. But Once You Get To Know Him, He Becomes Very Talkative. 

Lee SungYeol / 18 Years Old - He Is A Silly Boy Who Loves To Make The People Around Him Laugh.

Kim MyungSoo / L - 18 Years Old - He Is A Shy Boy Who Treats People Akwardly. But He Has A Kind Heart And A Gorgeous Appearence. 

Jang DongWoo / 18 Years Old - He Is A Boy Who Likes To Laugh. He Dislikes The QueenKas.

Lee SungJong / 17 Years Old - He Attends The Same Classes As You. He Not Only Looks Feminine, But He Also Has A Slight Feminine Personality. He Loves Dancing (Mostly To Girl Group Songs) And Also Loves Talking And Making A Mess.

Nam WooHyun / Namstar -  18 Years Old - A Stunning Boy Who Likes Doing Aegyo. 

cr: Sungha

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