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2 November 2011

Voice Of My Heart chapter 2 ( L and his guitar )

I tried to feel extra hard, hoping to realize that i had a terrible stomachache or perhaps just a headache, but nothing. I felt perfectly fine. I slowly got dressed into my Uniform and stuffed my bag full with pens, rubbers, notebooks - stuff that you will need in... School.
When i heard a knock on the front door i let out a loud sigh. Sandara and i doesnt even attend the same classes, so going on lessons isnt that much of a fun either. 
I opened the door and found a smiling Sandara on the other side.
- Why so happy? I said and blinked a few times.
She looked down on the ground, cutely kicking her foot back and forth.
- Actually, Im looking forward to messing with the QueenKas! She suddenly started jumping up and down on the spot. 
I laughed at her, grabbed my bag, left the appartment and locked the door. 
- Kaja! I said and smiled.

School looked just as boring and dull as it did 6 weeks ago. I started fumbling around with my bag, really not paying any attention to where i was walking and accidentely bumped into someone. I fell backwards, but thanks to Sandara i quickly got back onto my feet again. I looked up, only to see Hoya - One of the members of Infinite - In other words, a KingKa. I gasped and quickly bowed.
- Jwesonghamnida
He sneezed at me before back facing me. The other members, which he was standing with (as usual) didnt even bother to pay any attention to the accident at all. 
- Yah, Gwenchana? Sandara Worriedly asked while patting my shoulder.
- Neh, Gwenchana. Aigoo...
We walked away from the KingKas as fast as we could. We finally reached our lockers and i quickly flung my bag inside. 
- So, What do you have first? Sandara asked while reaching for her schedule inside her locker.
- Math i think, i said with slight doubt.

I was right, Math it was. As i stepped into the classroom i noticed that the only person inside was... SungJong. I quickly went passed him and placed myself in the far back. 
- Annyeong.
*Did he talk to me or...*
- Annyeong... I said, nearly whispering.
He turned around, giving me a weird look. He then pointed towards the headset plugged into his ears.
- Im trying to have a conversation here... He said and flicked his bangs. 
Thankfully it didnt take long until the rest of the class arrived. The teacher was late as usual. The only positive thing about math actually... Late Teacher = Shorter Lessons...
The lesson went by quickly and since it was our first day after a long vacation our teacher treated us kindly and ONLY gave us two pages of homework for tomorrow. 

When the bell rang i quickly picked up my books and supplies. When i left the classroom i spotted Hyun Ah and the rest of 4Minute right outside. I quickly started walking towards my locker. 
- Hey! Wait a minute! 
I felt a hand on my shoulder and gasped. I turned around.
- Hyu... Hyun Ah.
- You better get yourself a pair of glasses, you must be blind for bumping into Oppa this morning.
*Oppa... Ah Hoya!*
- Mianhe! I didnt mean to... 
She smirked. 
- Well, Whats done is done... LETS FLUSH HER!
Suddenly the rest of 4Minute burst out into laughter. Hyun Ah grabbed my arm and started dragging me towards the restroom.
*Where is Sandara when you need her* I tried to break free from her grip, but she was stronger then she looked. Then it hit me! 
I stamped her foot and she cried out into a loud scream. I took my chance and ran. 

I ran as fast as i could down the hallway. I could hear them, shouting, behind me. I ran into one of the classrooms, closed my eyes, leaned against the door, hoping that they wouldn't follow me in here. 
- Please Please Please, i whispered to myself.
I heard a loud cough and quickly opened my eyes. I found Kim Myungsoo, one of the KingKas, sitting in the corner of the room, holding a guitar.
I quickly stood up.
- Mianhe Mianhe! I said and bowed. I peeked out through the door. 4Minute was no where in sight. *Phew* 
I bowed to MyungSoo once again before leaving the classroom. 

He was sitting like a statue on his chair, wondering what just happened.
A small smile grew on his face as he dragged his fingers across the strings of his guitar. 

"Can you smile?
niga weonhajana
Niga barajanha
Nae mam maneuroneun
Neol jabeul suga obtneungabwa
And, Can you smile?"

cr: Sungha

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